MFEG Preferred Equity Finance

Spread capital across projects, start earlier on a project and potentially increase your return on cost.

Preferred Equity Finance Solutions in Australia

Preferred equity finance can help you spread capital across multiple projects, start earlier on a project and/or potentially increase your return on cost.

Preferred equity is a form of financing that effectively takes a direct stake in a project and is paid back before common equity but behind any debt positions. Typically, a preferred equity facility will come with a coupon rate of annual return rather than a profit share arrangement.

How does preferred equity finance work?

Like mezzanine funding, taking a preferred equity facility may enable a developer to spread capital across projects, start earlier on a project and potentially increase their return on cost. This financing can be used for funding every stage of the project; including research, feasibility, pre-construction, construction, marketing costs and property sales.

Preferred equity differs from mezzanine finance, however, as rather than take a second mortgage position on the property with a defined interest rate, a provider will take an equity stake in the development entity (usually with a fixed coupon rate). While the end result is very similar, this structuring can be more suitable than mezzanine finance in certain situations – for instance, where the senior debt provider does not allow a mezzanine finance facility to go in behind them.

Preferred equity finance with MFEG

As a business that is focused on delivering the most optimal outcomes possible and with a flexible model of funding, MFEG has the ability to structure the most appropriate financing model for a particular project. This includes the arrangement of preferred equity finance solutions where it is appropriate and workable to do so.

If you are involved in a property development project where preferred equity finance could help your position, don’t hesitate to arrange a consultation with one of our qualified and experienced MFEG professionals today.

We will work closely alongside you to create a tailored funding solution, either as a direct lender or via our strong network of trusted funding partners. MFEG also specialises in mezzanine property finance, land finance, residual stock finance, short term lending solutions and more.

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Funded Projects

377 Hectares of Land
Lending Amount: $76m
Solution Provided: Settlement of land purchase based on long term contract. Funding provided against valuation with all capital returned to the purchaser.

23 Apartments & 1 Retail Space
Lending Amount: $23.4m
Solution Provided: Low interest rate loan provided with flexibility around pre-sale requirements


Commercial Property
Lending Amount: $21.6m
Solution Provided:  funding for the acquisition of a commercial office acquisition at major bank rates for a not-for-profit organisation with no recourse to directors.

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