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MFEG Investment Fund, known for its exceptional service, has established a strong footprint in the investment sector with over $600 million in deals funded since 2018. This is a pooled fund that invests directly in commercial mortgages. Experienced and capable fund managers manage the fund. Deals are originated through MFEG's origination arm, and borrowers are charged origination fees that are shared with the fund. The fund pays returns monthly based on its performance. Providing excellent service to both borrowers and investors will benefit both parties in the long run. The fund diversifies its asset classes, geographic locations, borrowers, transaction types, and security positions. It targets opportunities that offer returns that are incommensurate with the risk, and each investment is thoroughly understood.

Investment Strategy

The Fund invests in direct mortgage investments sourced both directly and through private debt financiers, including MFEG.

The Fund targets geographic diversification, borrower diversification, loan purpose diversification, asset class diversification, and maturity diversification.

Loans introduced by MFEG incur a fee of 0.25% of the total loan amount, which is charged to the borrower and reallocated to the Fund.

How To Get Started: Investing In The Fund

Step 1: MFEG Fund Fact Sheet

Learn about the MFEG Fund by downloading our fact sheet. This document provides all the crucial details you need to know to take the first step towards investing. Get started by reading the form below.

Step 2: MFEG Fund IM Form

If you're thinking about investing your money, that's great! But it's super important to do it right. To help you make informed decisions and gain some valuable insights, you'll need to check out the MFEG IM form. This comprehensive document explains the fund's objectives, investment strategy, performance history, and more. 

Step 3: MFEG Fund Application Form

Looking to invest? The MFEG Investment Application Form can now be downloaded. We recommend reviewing steps one and two to familiarize yourself with our investment process.

If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact our dedicated team at MFEG Fund. You can reach us at 03 9101 8526.

Funded Projects

377 Hectares of Land
Lending Amount: $76m
Solution Provided: Settlement of land purchase based on long term contract. Funding provided against valuation with all capital returned to the purchaser.

23 Apartments & 1 Retail Space
Lending Amount: $23.4m
Solution Provided: Low interest rate loan provided with flexibility around pre-sale requirements


Commercial Property
Lending Amount: $21.6m
Solution Provided:  funding for the acquisition of a commercial office acquisition at major bank rates for a not-for-profit organisation with no recourse to directors.

Enquiry form for Investors

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