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A trusted partner for Property Developers providing suitably tailored funding opportunities and solutions for qualifying borrowers.

At MFEG, we specialize in assisting property developers with successfully funding their projects. We have a proven track record of achieving excellent outcomes for our clients.

We work closely with our network of funders to provide financing options tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require a first mortgage, mezzanine financing, preferred equity, funding for land acquisition, construction loans, or residual finance, we have the expertise and resources to support your project.

Property Development Finance

Our network of investors and wholesale funders means you can access a flexible financing solution quickly and easily no matter what project stage you’re at – from research to purchase to completion.

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Also known as “second mortgage finance”, mezzanine finance allows you to access finance by taking out a second mortgage on the title without diluting your equity or the value of your shares

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Land Finance

Land development projects can often be complex with many moving parts, and may take years to realise. MFEG can get you a financing solution that is flexible, straightforward and cost-effective, regardless of your industry or geographic location.

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Residual Stock Finance

As a property developer, pre-selling all the units in a development may have its challenges, our residual stock finance is here if you need additional funding until you sell your unsold stock or to help you fund your next project.

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Private Credit Investment

MFEG offers customized private credit to private firms, targeting higher investor yields through direct lending and mezzanine finance. We deliver flexible terms for borrowers and manage risk for diversified, robust investor returns. Our active management strategy ensures access to the lucrative private credit sector with a keen eye on performance.

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Secure the Funding you need for your next Investment Opportunities with Our Expert Assistance.

Don't hesitate to reach out and take the first step towards accessing the Funding for your next Property Developement.

How MFEG can help you

  • First Mortgage
  • Mezzanine (Second Mortgage)
  • Preferred Equity
  • Land Financing
  • Construction Loans
  • Residual Finance

Trust MFEG to navigate the complexities of property development financing and help you achieve your project goals. Contact us today to explore how we can assist you in funding your next successful venture.

MFEG has Funded $600m in Loans

20+ Years of Experience

MFEG is proud to service both Australia and New Zealand

100+ Developments Funded

Funded Projects

377 Hectares of Land
Lending Amount: $76m
Solution Provided: Settlement of land purchase based on long term contract. Funding provided against valuation with all capital returned to the purchaser.

23 Apartments & 1 Retail Space
Lending Amount: $23.4m
Solution Provided: Low interest rate loan provided with flexibility around pre-sale requirements


Commercial Property
Lending Amount: $21.6m
Solution Provided:  funding for the acquisition of a commercial office acquisition at major bank rates for a not-for-profit organisation with no recourse to directors.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started with MFEG

Fact Find & Initial Transaction Information Forms

Step 1: MFEG have a one-page form for our new customers to complete. Additionally, we ask new customers to provide a small list of documents that supply critical information to price your transaction. 

Indicative Terms

Step 2: MFEG will administer indicative terms for your transaction, and if you are happy to proceed from there, we will issue you an Indicative Term Sheet and an engagement letter. 

Loan Submission

Step 3: Once you have accepted our Indicative Term Sheet, we will prepare your loan submission and manage your transaction through to settlement. 

From the beginning, MFEG has been incredibly responsive and communicative, keeping us updated every step of the way. They took the time to understand our financial situation and provided us with personalized recommendations. Cameron and Lydia were knowledgeable, and professional, and they made the entire process seamless. We would highly recommend MFEG to anyone looking for top-notch service and expert advice.

Natalia | Executive Assistant 

Melbourne Finance & Equity Group has successfully achieved multiple financing transactions for our group in the last 8 years. Cameron and his team are very helpful and professional with their dealings. They have delivered results on what they have promised and have never let us down. We are greatly happy with their service and professionalism. Wishing Cameron and his team all the best’.

Kelly | Finance Director


“We are pleased to work closely with MFEG and have done so for some time. One of our most recent developments comprising 66 apartments in Box Hill was a particularly successful project thanks to Cameron and the team obtaining maximum funding through a combination of 1st Mortgage and 2nd mortgage facilities. The finance structure here enabled us to release equity to use elsewhere which was critical for the cash flow of our business. Cameron Perry and the team have a diverse network of lenders and a thorough knowledge of the workings of property development which enables them to cater the right structure of funding for the projects’ success.”

Arvi  | Director

A&A Property Developers Pty Ltd.

Our Team

At Melbourne Finance & Equity Group (MFEG), our clients enjoy the advantages of working with a team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals.

We invite you to get in touch to explore how MFEG can assist you with your financial goals. You can reach us at 03 9101 8526.

BBSW rates - updated periodically

These rates are updated periodically by MFEG. See the ASX website for all current rates. Last updated 15th November 2023
1 MONTH4.3317 4.2317 4.2817
2 MONTH4.3750 4.2750 4.3250
3 MONTH4.46164.3616 4.4116
4 MONTH4.5729 4.47294.5229
5 MONTH4.6985 4.59854.6485
6 MONTH4.79334.6933 4.7433

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