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A trusted partner for Property Developers providing suitably tailored funding opportunities and solutions for qualifying borrowers.

A trusted partner

We specialise in assisting property developers, in successfully funding their projects and have established a great track record in achieving excellent outcomes for our clients via First Mortgage, Mezzanine (Second Mortgage) or Private Equity using our extensive panel of funders on a range of different borrowing scenarios.

Our accessible interest rates for Land, Construction and Residual Finance are super competitive, and even more so with MFEG recently securing a direct funding line.  Refer to some of our recent settlements.

Construction: 3 Retail, 6 Offices, 56 Apartments
Lending Amount: $21.9m
Solution Provided: First Mortgage and
Mezzanine Funding

40 Apartments
Lending Amount: $11.7m
Solution Provided: First Mortgage with Preferred Equity Facility

16 Luxury Apartments Construction
Lending Amount: $12.8m
Solutions Provided: First Mortgage

At MFEG we understand that every loan and lending scenario is unique and so we have developed six individual approaches to secure loans and maximise the likelihood of success.

Click the link below to learn more about our six loan options.

  • Property Development
  • Mezzanine
  • Preferred Equity
  • Land
  • Residual Stock
  • Short Term Lending

1. Fact Find

You simply complete our 1 page fact find form and provide the initial deal information.

2. Indicative Term Sheet

We workshop the transaction with our investors or lenders and price the deal for you. We then provide indicative terms for your transaction and list of conditions for the transaction.

3. Valuation / QS Collapse

Once the term sheet is signed we proceed with meeting the conditions of the loan including valuation, QS and whatever is required.

4. Letter of Offer

Once the main conditions are met, you are issued with a Letter of Offer.

5. Legals

Upon signing of the Letter of offer, mortgage documents are instructed and sent to you or your solicitor for signing along with any settlement conditions.

6. Settlement

Mortgage documents are verified by lender’s solicitor and settlement is booked.

7. Post Settlement

We offer a post-settlement service to assist with construction drawdowns, interest payments, loan variations and other requirements you may have.

‘Melbourne Finance & Equity Group has successfully achieved multiple financing transactions for our group in the last 8 years. Cameron and his team are very helpful and professional with their dealings. They have delivered results on what they have promised and have never let us down. We are greatly happy with their service and professionalism. Wishing Cameron and his team all the best’.


Kelly Yip | Finance Director


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