MFEG Diversified Real Estate Credit Fund

A simple and easy way to invest in the Diversified Real Estate Credit Fund (DRCF)

An Innovative Way to Invest Diversified Real Estate Credit Fund (DRCF)

In addition to corporate debt advisory and origination, MFEG Investment Management a subsiduary of MFEG, is the investment manager for the MFEG Diversified Real Estate Credit Fund (DRCF). This innovative fund provides opportunities for qualifying investors to invest in the lucrative Australian Private Real Estate Credit Market, historically a market available only to Australia’s wealthiest families.

The MFEG Diversified Real Estate Credit Fund is a pooled fund that is open to qualifying wholesale investors to invest in Real Estate Credit Opportunities sourced through MFEG’s origination network and managed by a network of experienced and capable fund managers. Origination fees are shared with the Fund, providing the opportunity for enhanced returns.

DRCF Strategy

Our investment philosophy for MFEG Diversified Real Estate Credit Fund (DRCF) is to identify opportunities with outweighed returns for risk and manage this risk through diversification.

We see such opportunity in the Australian and New Zealand Real Estate Credit market and have set up the DRFC to provide investors an opportunity to gain exposure to this market and benefit from MFEG’s proven ability to originate quality debt opportunities.

The Fund targets diversification across geographic areas, borrower profiles, loan purposes, asset class and loan maturity.

Sharing origination fees for directly sourced transactions with the Fund provides the opportunity to enhance returns further.

Investing in MFEG Diversified Real Estate Credit Fund (DRCF)


Step 1

Read the MFEG DRCF Fact Sheet

Learn about the MFEG DRFC by downloading our fact sheet. This document provides a summary of the crucial details you need to know to take the first step towards investing. Access our fact sheet by sharing your name and email so we can stay in touch

Step 2

Read the MFEG DRFC Information Memorandum (IM)

If you're thinking about investing your money, that's great! But it's super important to do it right. To help you make informed decisions and gain some valuable insights, you'll need to check out the MFEG Information Memorandum (IM). This comprehensive document explains the fund's objectives, investment strategy and more. 

Step 3

Complete the MFEG DRCF Application Form

Looking to invest? The MFEG DRCF Investment Application Form can now be downloaded. We recommend reviewing steps one and two to familiarise yourself with our investment process.

If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact our dedicated team at MFEG Fund. You can reach us at 03 9101 8526.

Enquire about MFEG Diversified Real Estate Credit Fund

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One Fund Services Ltd (ACN 615 523 003)(AFSL 493421) is the trustee of the MFEG Diversified Real Estate Credit Fund (OFML/OFSL). The information contained in this document was not prepared by OFML/OFSL but was prepared by other parties. While OFML/OFSL has no reason to believe that the information is inaccurate, the truth or accuracy of the information in this document cannot be warranted or guaranteed. Anyone reading this report must obtain and rely upon their own independent advice and inquiries. Investors should consider the Information Memorandum (IM) relevant to the Fund before making any decision to acquire, continue to hold or dispose of units in the Fund. You should also consult a licensed financial adviser before making an investment decision in relation to the Fund. A copy of the IM and related application form may be obtained from One Registry Services Pty Ltd.

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