Optimising Cashflow in Property Development: Challenges & Mistakes to Avoid

Property development is a profitable but high-risk business. The success of a project relies on effective cashflow management. With the rise in materials prices across Australia, cashflow optimisation has become more challenging than ever. Here are some common challenges facing developers and how they can be avoided.

Unforeseen Delays & Cost Overruns

Unexpected delays and cost overruns can cause significant cashflow problems for developers and others in the construction industry. It’s important to plan ahead and anticipate potential issues that could arise during the project. For example, unexpected weather conditions or changes in building codes can lead to costly delays and additional expenses. To mitigate this risk, developers should account for a buffer in their budgeting process to cover any unforeseen costs or delays that may occur.

Issues with Cashflow Management and Accounting Strategies  

Developers need to carefully manage their cashflow throughout the entire project in order to stay on budget and complete the project on time. This requires keeping accurate records and tracking expenses from start to finish. Additionally, developers should review their financial statements regularly so they can identify any problems early on and take corrective action if necessary. It’s also important to set up effective reporting systems that enable you to monitor your progress towards achieving your financial goals throughout the course of the project.

Cashflow optimisation is essential for successful property development projects but it can be difficult due to the various challenges faced by developers such as unexpected delays, cost overruns, securing financing, and managing cashflow effectively. By taking proactive steps such as planning ahead with buffers in mind, comparing different lenders’ terms and rates when seeking financing, and setting up effective accounting/reporting systems, developers can reduce their risks associated with cashflow optimisation while increasing their chances of success with their projects overall.

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